Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell:First Assault is a Third/First person stealth shooter developed by Ubisoft and published by Square Enix in 2018 for PlayStation®3 PlayStation®4 Xbox 360 Xbox One PC and Linux.

ESRB Rating: Mature 17+ for Blood, Language, Drug reference, Use of Alchohal, Sexual Themes, Violence

Available for: PlayStation®3, PlayStation®4, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox 360, PC, Linux


The story starts immediately after Chaos Theory with Sam going on a mission in Syria to assassinate a corrupt politician named Hiro Al Bashar who is helping North Korea to start a full on attack on the United States along the way Sam will confront a Soviet group formed of Soviet soldiers after the Cold War and Terrorists. Hiro's idea is to attack NATO first along with some Middle Eastern Countries. 


Syrian village - Terrorists have made a Outpost in a village in Syria but there are civilians in the area.

Objectives: Locate Documents on the invasion, Don't take down any civilians, find U.S Marine Cpt. Hendrick, disable weapons in weapon radded

Shipyard - North Korean Military controlled Shipyard

Objectives: Find Captain on a submarine to get info on Hiro Al Bashar, steal plans on prototype missle, find Ivan Petranko to get info on a secret army, get to truck on the road

Cremlin - You are on the Cremlin in Russia there are North Korean soldiers there

Objectives: Make it to the bottom where a officer is and kill him because he is a high rank, kill a Hitman that is trying to kill Putin, locate general Vladimir Allen and knock him out to extract him so Lambert can get answers, make it to the car

Bank - You are sent to a Siberian Bank where Terrorists have raided the Vault and killed every civilian and guard there

Objectives - Infiltrate the Bank, Find Fuse Box and Shut Off the Lights for the Lobby, Sneak Inside, Find Computer to get info on how many missiles they are making, Find Survivor, Escape

Pyongyang - You are sent to the capital of North Korea to Retrieve a Intel

Objectives - Infiltrate Pyongyang's Tower, Interrogate a North Korean Soldier tell him where the Intel is, Find room with General Kim Eng Sho and Kill him, Retrieve Briefcase, Escape

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Spys Vs. MercsEdit

Spys Vs. Mercs is the exact same as Chaos Theory's SvM but with new features.

Features include a Prone feature, Mercs are now able to knock out The Spies and many more.





Military Installation

Oil Rig








Supply yard

Training Facility



Founder's Tower


Sub Base







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